Ship It!

”Ship It,” the third studio album from Envy Alo, finds the band treading into uncharted, genre-defying territory. The eleven-track odyssey holds a groove and your attention, but dives between waves of soul, R&B, Afro-Cuban, drum & bass, blues, jazz, heavy rock, and funk.


Released January 18, 2020

Recorded at Evergroove Studios in Evergreen, Colorado

Engineered by Brad Smalling and Ethan Kotel

Mixed and Mastered by Brad Smalling



Aaron Pettine - Keyboards 
Karl Summers - Bass 
Kevin Supina - Saxophone/Vocals 
Callie Morrocco -Vocals 
Kevin Hinder - Guitar 
Nate Etter - Drum Kit

Will Trask - Percussion

Matthew Wilkolak - Trumpet

Mark Wilkolak - Trombone

Ship It!

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